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Meet Nabela:

Nabela Noor is a first generation Bangladeshi-American designer, homemaker, author and entrepreneur. With a passion for representation and a commitment to promoting self-love through self-care, Nabela utilizes her platforms to inspire millions around the world to love the skin they're in. 


Growing up with little to no Bengali and South Asian representation in entertainment and media, she dreamt of being a part of changing that for future generations. Today, with over 10 million followers across platforms and over 1.5 billion views, she shines a light on her experiences living at the intersection of various communities. Whether she is standing on the floor of the United Nations speaking on issues close to her heart or executive producing a show centered on body positivity to help fans in their self-love journeys, Nabela puts intention and purpose at the forefront of her work. 

In March of 2020, Nabela's globally recognized #PocketsOfPeace series inspired the launch of Nabela Noor Home, a community for modern homemaking centered in celebrating the simple moments of goodness in each day. From decor inspo, delicious recipes and self-care tips to the viral POP series, Nabela Noor Home is a hub for all things comfort, intentional living and home inspiration.


The growing NNH community inspired the transition into crafting unique home products, made from artisans in Nabela's hometown of Pennsylvania and Bangladesh.

Nabela's self-love community and brand, Zeba provides clothing with a reimagined sizing system designed to help women see themselves as more than a size, a tag or a measurement. In 2021. Nabela released her debut children's book, Beautifully Me which takes her self-love philosophy directly to the youth, encouraging a healthy self-image at an early age. 

Nabela and her husband, Seth are the founders of Noor House, a non-profit girls scholarship program based in Bangladesh in partnership with JAAGO Foundation. 

Currently, Nabela is embracing a new chapter as a mother, while balancing her career and exploring her newest passions in the kitchen and home design. Her work has been featured in Architectural Digest, Rolling Stone, The Cut, People, Allure, Elle and more. 

You can follow Nabela on TikTok, Instagram and Youtube at @Nabela and her homemaking community and home brand on Instagram at @NabelaNoorHome. 

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